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ATTN – Men and Women in Recovery!

We are looking for 15 individuals who want an immersive, TRANSFORMATIONAL experience!

J Kirby

Fantastic,very well done! Susan is a professional and holds the space for each person,with compassion and tenderness!! Give
yourself  the gift of a session! Your worth "the time!!!
It's A Speciall Experience!!

Are you feeling burned out, overwhelmed, short
tempered, unappreciated, or anxious? Are you
sleeping poorly and have a lack of energy? Does it
feel like everyone is always wanting from you but
your tank is empty? Are you emotionally bankrupt?

If any of those sound familiar to you…you are not alone! Many times, we go through life suppressing our feelings, putting on a happy face, not speaking up, and people-pleasing. We live our lives “reacting”, making choices out of fear and re-living
painful past experiences.

We all have beliefs that influence our thoughts, our expectations, and our actions. Breathwork helps us explore the “behind the scenes” of our existence and discover the unexpected, unconsciously-held beliefs that are causing our life to be unfulfilling.

What will you discover...

Read the testimonials below from other people just like yourself.


Presented by Susan Dunn, Elements In The Desert

Susan is extremely passionate about helping people free themselves from old stories and beliefs that no
longer serve them so they in turn can start to create and live a happy, healthy and pain-free life.
“We have two lives, and the second one begins when we realize we only have one” - Confucius

Immersive, Transformational Breathwork Session

Learn how to utilize the power of your breath to enhance the your life.  Our program focuses on helping men and woman heal from past trauma, childhood angst, perfectionism and self-sabotaging behaviors. These safe, sacred, loving breathwork sessions help you live your most authentic life.


Are you ready to live a life you love?

(Free gift) $10.00 off coupon to your first session


Palm Desert Session
1 Single Session

Only $59

Use Coupon Code Relax for $10 off

Use Code:RELAX

What a $59 session entails:

Located in 38180 DelWebb Blvd, Palm Desert, CA
September 24th 6:00pm-7:30pm

To prepare yourself, all you need to do is keep an open heart and mind.

During your 90-minute session, you will be laying comfortably on a mat with an eye cover and blanket, listening to music through silent headphones as Susan guides you with cues on technique and gives you motivational prompts. You will be totally immersed in your own
healing journey as others are on theirs.



This style of breathwork is a conscious circular breath technique which is backed by science with profound results.  


You will be moving energy and releasing blockages in the body, creating space for healing, abundance, and inner peace. You will go through physiological changes by offloading CO2 which results in making your blood more alkaline.  


In return, you will notice your mind shift, and the frontal cortex (the center for your ego) will begin to  quiet down. With your mind quiet, and your heart open, you will be able to access deeper layers of consciousness.


Don't be surprised if you laugh, cry or have an emotional experience during your session. One thing is undeniable, you will come out feeling lighter and more grounded than ever before.


You are in full control of the session and if at anytime, you feel it becomes too intense you may return to your normal breathing pattern. 

Will I Cry?

Yoga meditation



  • Detox the body, helping bring in more alkalinity, offsetting acidity.

  • Assist in proper digestion

  • Feeding oxygen to blood, muscles, organs, and brain

  • Increase physical energy and stamina

  • Boost immunity

  • Improve brain function including memory

  • Release stored up anger, anxiety, depression, and other heavy emotions

  • Releases oxytocin, “feel good hormone”

  • Shift into a deeper level of love and forgiveness for yourself and others

  • Let go of past hurts and painful childhood memories

  • Release and heal heaviness from family and ancestral ties

  • Get re-inspired and connect with your inner creativity and bliss

  • Surrender to what is and allow more abundance, flow, and ease

Give a breathwork class a try.


Palm Desert Session
1 Single Session

Only $59

Use Coupon Code Relax for $10 off

Use Code:RELAX

Located in 38180 DelWebb Blvd, Palm Desert, CA
September 24th 6:00pm-7:30pm

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760 831 7292

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