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Whether you are new to Breathwork or a seasoned practitioner, this style of breathwork promises to be one of a kind. Susan has come to realize in her 35+ years in the health care industry, and working with thousands of people, that 90% of our ailments derive from emotional blocks in the body. These blocks can stem from injuries, childhood or adulthood traumas, adverse significant life events and can even be passed down from your parents.  

To prepare yourself, all you need to do is keep an open heart and mind. During your session, you will be laying comfortably on a mat with an eye cover and blanket, listening through silent headphones to music as Susan guides you through cues on the technique and motivational prompts. This style of breathwork is a conscious circular breath technique which is backed by science with profound results.  You will be moving energy and releasing blockages in the body creating space for healing, abundance and inner peace. You will go through physiological changes by offloading CO2 which results in making your blood more alkaline.  In return, you will notice your mind shift, and the frontal cortex (the center for your ego) will begin to quiet down. With your mind quiet, and your heart open, you will be able to access deeper layers of consciousness. Don't be surprised if you laugh, cry or have an emotional experience during your session. One thing is undeniable, you will come out feeling lighter and more grounded than ever before. You are in full control of the session and if at anytime, you feel it becomes too intense you may return to your normal breathing pattern.  Come experience this one of a kind full immersion into healing.


Susan is a seasoned professional when it comes to creating a safe, sacred space where you are able to feel, heal, and therefore create the profound life changes you desire.

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